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Law Student at Duquesne Law. A blog documenting my trip to Costa Rica to work in the Constitutional Court (Sala IV).

Travel Tip
Here is a practical travel tip for your visit to Costa Rica.  To calculate the conversion rate from Colones (Costa Rican currency) to Dollars: multiply the price in colones X 2 and drop three zeros.  Example: If an order of gallo pinto (see below for illustration) cost $ 5,000 colones then 5,000 x 2 = 10,000 - 3 zeros = $5 USD.  **This conversion formula will only work if the exchange rate for the colon does not change**

Over the weekend I jumped on a bus in San Jose that drove three hours west to the beautiful rain forest park in the town of Manuel Antonio. 

Yes, I saw monkeys!

The Unicameral Legislative Assembly or Asamblea Legislativa holds fifty-seven seats. Members are elected by direct popular vote to serve four-year terms.

Thanks to Olman Rodriguez Loaiza (my supervisor at the Constitutional Court) and Luis Paulino Mora (son of the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) I was lucky enough to get a pass to sit on the floor of the General Assembly.

Today I met Justice Gilbert Armijo Sancho -the new Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court. 

Awesome man!  He gave me a copy of his newest book.  

Today I met two of the Justices on Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court (Sala IV)
From left to right: Don Paul Rueda Leal, Don Fernando Castillo Visquez, me. 

Costa Rican General Assembly & Supreme Court 

I attended a private dinner to celebrate Justice Fernando Cruz’s reelection.  Every eight years Justices of Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court must be reelected by the General Assembly.  

Do you know a judge who can play the accordion?


Costa Rica 2011 #tbt #manuelantonio


Costa Rica 2011 #tbt #manuelantonio